Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Your Voice Knows!

Your voice can be used as a holographic representation of all that you are, right down to the depths of your genetic make-up.
Your Voice is being used to reveal what nutrients you really need; what muscle are you likely to injure within the next 30 days; who you are, really, deep down, at your soul level.
Are you curious to learn about the areas in your life in which you would excell; what you need to know to move ahead; who you are compatible with? These and other questions can be answered using the secret codes hidden within the notes and frequencies of your voice. Just like a song, your voice contains notes that correspond to your mood and your health.
The Sound Health Institute of BioAcoustic Biology, under the direction of Sharry Edwards, has been conducting research to find out more about the frequencies contained in your voice in an attempt to ascertain how the human body and mind responds to low frequency sound. Phenomenal reversals of diseases thought to be incurable have been the result.
Centuries ago, Pythagoras claimed that everything emits sounds that he could hear. Modern science is using this basic theory of the universe in labs through the world. Pythagoras created a foundation of our music composition using a basic theory of string harmonics. Conventional scientists have speculated that we are all made of infinitesimal small strings creating a contemporary view of how our DNA is fashioned.
Sound Health research has take these theories two steps further. Using the voice as a matrix of all of the frequencies of the body, specific, individualized formulations are developed for each person. Supplying these low frequency sounds have been shown to help people reverse their own disease. One very exciting example is the case studies dealing with the reversal of Macular Degeneration, an incurable disease by today’s medical standards. 265,000 of new macular degeneration cases are reported each year. If this pioneering research could combat just this one disease it would be phenomenal.
Articles about modern string indicate that although DNA is made of these “strings,” there is no way to control what the strings are made into. BioAcoustic evidence indicates that using low frequency sound presentation can direct the DNA strings via RNA (keeps the DNA pattern) to promote optimal form and function of each human body.
Edwards’ latest research indicates that BioAcoustic is influencing health and healing through the magnetic potential of the DNA helix. From a very esoteric beginning, science, even large pharmaceutical houses, are now using the Voice as an indicator of health and wellness.

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