Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Conan O'Brien Leaving NBC

NanoVoice software was used for this evaluation. NanoVoice is a Vocal Profiling personality survey developed by Sound Health and the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology. A complimentary copy of the software can be downloaded at
Conan O’Brien says goodbye and thanks to NBC and his fans – 48460 views as of 11:00 pm EST – January 27, 2010.

Overall Profile shows a person aware on many levels simultaneously with nearly equal emotional and accomplishment issues the priority. This indicates an emotional response mixed with looking at long-term goals of truth and fairness.
Highest emotional (blue) note of “D” indicates a deep commitment to how he is serving others. Next emotional high is the note of “C” which supports his words that he wants to make the outcome good for his own benefit but the green column in the note of “C” is equal to blue. This shows an equal commitment to others as to himself.
Green columns on a chart indicate commitment to long-term accomplishment that is physically useful. The highest notes of Green are “C#” and “G”. Together, these two notes show that his words were genuine. He is a person who walks his talk; his words are truthful. Some people have stated that his 33 million in severance is what is making him talk so kindly toward NBC. I don’t believe this to be the case.
If he were commenting just using words for an effect, there would be a larger percentage of Yellow columns. If he were commenting in an angry way even though his words were amiable, there would be more Red in the profile.
Overall computer interpretation: You challenge the opinions of others with good reason.

Your highest note is associated with the expression of justice, fairness and Truth. Your highest note is associated with the expression of what you consider to be your physical domain.

Being able to prioritize what needs to be done emotionally is not always easy for you.

You tend to teach by your actions. You work well with others and are often put in a leadership position. You have a strong sense of justice, fairness and Truth.

You would like to have more time to spend on spiritual things. You have a hard time prioritizing what you want to do first.

This is only a small part of our full article on Conan. The full article includes a break down of key phrases during his monologue. If you are interested in seeing the full article with step by step analysis, email us at sharryedwards at Additionally, Sharry will be speaking about this analysis and other celebrity vocal profiles tonight at 5pm EST on the Bill and Kelly show on

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