Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Your Voice Knows!

Your voice can be used as a holographic representation of all that you are, right down to the depths of your genetic make-up.
Your Voice is being used to reveal what nutrients you really need; what muscle are you likely to injure within the next 30 days; who you are, really, deep down, at your soul level.
Are you curious to learn about the areas in your life in which you would excell; what you need to know to move ahead; who you are compatible with? These and other questions can be answered using the secret codes hidden within the notes and frequencies of your voice. Just like a song, your voice contains notes that correspond to your mood and your health.
The Sound Health Institute of BioAcoustic Biology, under the direction of Sharry Edwards, has been conducting research to find out more about the frequencies contained in your voice in an attempt to ascertain how the human body and mind responds to low frequency sound. Phenomenal reversals of diseases thought to be incurable have been the result.
Centuries ago, Pythagoras claimed that everything emits sounds that he could hear. Modern science is using this basic theory of the universe in labs through the world. Pythagoras created a foundation of our music composition using a basic theory of string harmonics. Conventional scientists have speculated that we are all made of infinitesimal small strings creating a contemporary view of how our DNA is fashioned.
Sound Health research has take these theories two steps further. Using the voice as a matrix of all of the frequencies of the body, specific, individualized formulations are developed for each person. Supplying these low frequency sounds have been shown to help people reverse their own disease. One very exciting example is the case studies dealing with the reversal of Macular Degeneration, an incurable disease by today’s medical standards. 265,000 of new macular degeneration cases are reported each year. If this pioneering research could combat just this one disease it would be phenomenal.
Articles about modern string indicate that although DNA is made of these “strings,” there is no way to control what the strings are made into. BioAcoustic evidence indicates that using low frequency sound presentation can direct the DNA strings via RNA (keeps the DNA pattern) to promote optimal form and function of each human body.
Edwards’ latest research indicates that BioAcoustic is influencing health and healing through the magnetic potential of the DNA helix. From a very esoteric beginning, science, even large pharmaceutical houses, are now using the Voice as an indicator of health and wellness.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Can a Nano Glimpse Change the World?

If you lived it, then it becomes REAL. Today we are being challenged by a failing health care system, our own failing health, and the lack of wellness of our families and loved ones. In general, the health of modernized societies is failing. We have more autism, more heart disease, more arthritis, more diabetes, more auto immune disease, more insulin resistance, and more high blood pressure than ever before. The list seems endless with no hope in sight.

Along comes a woman who does not have a degree from a major research university, and is not doctor or physicist. She’s not from Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic, St. Jude’s, Duke Medical or even a prestigious private school– although many of those schools and organizations will have wished they paid more attention to what she was doing when they realize that she, accompanied by only a handful of visionary supporters, has changed the face of what’s possible in health care. And she did it without government grants and subsidies, without the reputation of a major facility behind her, and all in the face of incredible obstacles and opposition.

She has made a major contribution to YOUR health because she BELIEVES that she has something significant to offer. She is a trained educator with a Masters degree in curriculum and instruction, but had no formal training for what she has conceived and developed as a major innovation which could change the face of future medicine. And the only way you are going to believe what she has to offer is to experience it for yourself—for FREE—using the link below.

You see, Sharry Edwards, MEd. has discovered that the body is managed by a series of frequency commands from the brain (your central processing unit in computer terms). The outlet for this information and how those frequencies are managed is contained in the math-based frequency matrix of your body. Years of research proved the efficacy of this approach and served to develop software that could duplicate her esoteric talents of being able to “hear” information from the voice and body that is normally above the range of human hearing.

While it does not claim to diagnose or ‘treat’ disease, it is well beyond what conventional medicine has to offer. It started with a talent that most people would consider esoteric. It is the stuff of Star Trek medicine. But as man, in his movie imagination, has created medicine based on reading the frequencies of the body, she has created a system that allows the body to evaluate for its self with therapeutic benefits.

She took this innovation to our National Institute of Health and they instructed her to hide it. To not mention what she could do, because no one would believe her – she would be branded a ‘fraud’ and perceived as a kook. But that same NIH representative was also convinced that what she brought to him WORKED because he experienced it. A muscle in his index finger did not bend smoothly. In less than 20 seconds—16 to be exact—he reported that his finger worked perfectly. He experienced his own healing using this technique, yet he wanted to deny this same experience to the people.
So she had a problem – how can she get this information to the people in a simple and affordable package that people could use and experience so that they too could see how this very simple technique has the potential to bring them a wealth of information about themselves. This would be information that has the potential to change the face of human history because, if we are free of defect (if we are optimally healthy in every way) much of our energy and resources can be used to enlighten and elevate ourselves to advanced dimensions of understanding and integrity.
And so she worked to find a way to bring the experience of what she had to offer to the public. To provide it free with no strings attached. She asked nothing in return, not even your email address. You have learned from past experience that nothing is free. Well this is free with one exception. It will change you! What she offers will capture your mind, your imagination, and will certainly change the way you think about health and wellness in the civilized world.

This absolutely FREE gift has the potential to set you FREE to explore your mind, to bring you information, in terms of frequency, about your REAL self. And eventually the technique will reveal your nutritional, hormonal and biochemical needs; your genetic make-up and status; your exposure to toxins, pathogens and allergens; your muscle strengths and weaknesses; and how best to manage your body’s resources in terms of anti-aging, weight management and stress, in the same way.
Change does not happen when there are no options to replace what is already available. This transformation cannot happen overnight, but starting small with the gift offered below, we now have a significant option for change – to create a paradigm of health care through a pioneering protocol that uses the body’s own frequency status to allow optimal well being.

This FREE download of nanoVoice ™ is a program especially created for this purpose: to spread the word – to allow you to experience a nano-glimpse into what is possible about YOU. And now nanoVoice is available from the link below.


NanoVoice is a micro-version of our professional nVoice Personality Profiler™ which uses math frequency based biomarkers within the frequencies of your voice to allow you an enlightening peek into your Secret Self.

NanoVoice can help you understand and solve issues using unconscious levels of awareness. This innovative technology is the forefront of future medicine based on personal biofrequency correlations to emotional, genetic, structural and biochemical information about YOU.

It usually takes a well-funded scientific breakthrough, after years of study by a major university or an overwhelming catastrophe, to facilitate change that truly makes a difference. People don’t easily embrace new scientific information because anything fundamentally different from the status quo scares them. Although a major catastrophe forces transformation, people don’t always adjust willingly. The most profound and permanent way to cause a shift in perception is through life experience.
We have mandatory, uninsurable vaccinations that have been shown to cause birth defects, autism, asthma and other harm; we have laws being passed that deny us the right to hold accountable the drug companies that use us as guinea pigs and cause irreparable harm; we have insurance companies and HMO’s that make decisions with our own money (premiums they have charged us) as to whether or not we can receive services, which physician we can go to, what lab tests we can have. In no other service organization is the person paying for the service abused and dictated to so thoroughly and reprehensively. The companies are run with the bottom line in mind, not quality health care. There is something inherently wrong with the idea that profit is more important than wellbeing.
Resistant strains of pathogens, nosocomial and iatrogenic disease/trauma is rampant. We are threatened with bird flu, SARS, MRSA, flesh eating bacteria, infertility and unheard of strains of sexually transmitted diseases, also becoming antibiotic resistant.

We see generation after generation of families in which genetic defects are showing up earlier with successive age group. The grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 60, the mother in her 40s and the granddaughter before the age of 20. Neither the government nor the private sector has proposed any acceptable stabilizing solutions as to how to solve the problems that have been created. But the answer is right under their noses, literally.

There is still much work to do. This is just the beginning. After you have been convinced that using the nanoVoice software can bring you information about yourself, go to
www.nutrasounds.com for more information, or www.jbab.org if you are in research mode. Read and download the information, charts and videos – all FREE.

Join us in spreading the word about this unique technique and the options for changing what our current health care system has to offer.

Join us in this vision to allow each of us to be alive with grace and dignity.

What will happen when those that manage the purse strings of health care costs discover what we have done? We don’t know yet but we are willing to risk it. But once the word is out in mass, there will be no stopping it. Things are gonna change! Please join us for the next Evolution!

Sharry Edwards, MEd.

Disclaimer: The Personality Profiler and Nano Voice are based on Human BioAcoustics, as originated by Sharry Edwards, M.Ed. Results are intended for self-education and entertainment only. These programs do not diagnose or prescribe for medical or psychological conditions nor does it prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions. They do not provide diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor apply medical, mental health or human development principles.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Imagine a World....

Finding your own voice takes on new meaning if you begin to consider the possibility that the sounds of your voice may be a holographic representation of all that you are. Esoteric literature claims that we each have a Signature Sound; a frequency representation of all that we are.

Imagine a future in which our individual vocal frequency is our identification; where the use of frequency based biomarkers contained within our voice can be used to keep us healthy and emotionally balanced.

From birth to death, we use sounds to express our needs and emotions, but there are additional layers of information hidden within our words. As man evolved, language became levels of intricate harmony nestled within structures of great elegance that carried meaning and allowed understanding of ourselves and others.

Everything that happens to the body reaches the brain as biofrequencies that are then sorted, routed and assigned an interpretation, but it seems that in modern times we carry very little conscious awareness of this information. Did we as a human race forget, or were we forced to abandon a great deal of our intrinsic abilities to glean information about another person simply by hearing their voice?

The recent popularity of The Da Vinci Code sparked interest in the possibility that a great deal of knowledge has been kept hidden from the general population. Is the idea that we have dominion over our lives through our thoughts and intentions an intrinsic fact of human spirit? Can we in truth chant the words and create our Reality?

The obvious success of the movie, The Secret, shows that people are ready to accept the fact that we can think or say something and have it manifest. Have we sufficiently matured enough to receive the bounty of consciousness-produced reality with wisdom? Do people really know what they want, deep down, devoid of old parental “tapes,” advertising, peer pressure, the “oughts” and “shoulds” that we are subjected to daily?

If we want to manifest our neighbor’s car or wife for ourselves, is this a lack of respect or our basic right of conscious intention? If we accept the reality that we all fit - perfectly into the perfectly conceived - perfectly interlocking in the puzzle of life, then how can we allow any two people to want the exact same item? Someone would do without and therein resides a basic flaw in the thinking. If we both pray for the same thing, who gets the prize? So how can someone “program” their lives with the voice of prayer and mantra without bumping into the needs and rights of others?

Many spiritual leaders through-out the ages have claimed that we have the power to be who we want to be, to have what we want. Could it be that the world is designed perfectly and if we really knew the ideal life to manifest, then everything would be in harmony. But how can we ever know what will perfectly balance our lives? How can we know what we really want underneath the layers of greed and need?

You can find your authentic SELF. Nothing is hidden from your own voice. You may be able to lie to your friends and deceive yourself with your words, but the voice does not lie. Vocal Profiling computer software has been built that can evaluate the frequencies, architectures and harmonics of your voice. Vast frequency based databanks can now be used to create a report of what you really think, who you are emotionally and the status of your health. The frequencies missing from your voice are just as important as those that are present. An entire matrix of information from your DNA to your partner preferences can be evaluated.

Using this modality, your voice can reveal who you really are under the layer of public personality you have created. This is an opportunity of the human race to break free of all of the deceit and deception that we live with on a daily basis.
What would our world be like? Our legal system would be unwarranted if your true voice could be so easily read: Unsound relationships would crumble, businesses would fall because for the most part, our world is built on what we can keep hidden from those who think they know us.

Vocal Profiling has the ability to let us know the intentions of our leaders, the motivations of our partners, and the pathway to our sense of self. Would that be of value to you, to your clients, to your audience?

What would a world be like if everyone only spoke the TRUTH? Can you image a society where we are all known by a frequency signature that people could read through a voice that truly represented who we are? Could finding our true voice allow us to create a world full of grace and dignity?

We loudly proclaim that truth should be valued as a virtue. Should it have taken a computer program for us to discover our internal truth and clarity?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is Frequency our New Medicine or an Ancient Mystery Revealed?

Using frequency as a healing modality is an ancient tool brought forward into the modern era by Human BioAcoustic pioneer, Sharry Edwards, MEd.
It has been written that many great philosophers have attempted to decode the mysteries of the universe from early thinkers such as Pythagoras to modern day cosmologists like Steven Hawking . The recent popularity of the movie The Da Vinci Code sparked our imaginations concerning information that has been kept hidden from the populace. The idea that we could use this lost knowledge to have dominion over our lives is very alluring. If this information could be revealed, could we unveil the potential of who and what we really are— without authority intervention, peer pressure, oughts and shoulds? How can we identify what will perfectly balance our lives? How can we find and live an authentic life under all of the layers of need and greed?
We can use the frequency codes hidden within our voices. You may be able to lie to your friends and deceive yourself with your words but the voice does not lie. Sharry Edwards has developed software that can evaluate the frequencies, architectures and harmonics of your voice. Computerized reports using vocal data can reveal the authentic motivation and intent of the speaker.
Frequencies not in your voice are just as important as those that are present. An entire matrix of information can be gleaned from the voice. This is an opportunity for the human race to break free of all of the deceit and deception that we live with every day.
Imagine a future in which our individual vocal frequency is our identification; where the use of frequency based biomarkers contained within our voice can be used to keep us healthy and emotionally balanced. What would our world be like? Our legal system would be unnecessary if voice could be so easily read: Authority figures would not be able to hide behind false words and promises. Unstable relationships would crumble; others would become more joyous. Unethical businesses and relationships would fail because for the most part, much of our world is built on what we can keep hidden from those who think they know us. Are you ready to reveal your authentic self?

Sharry Edwards, MEd has been named a “modern keeper of the Holy Grail information” by Holy Grail and The Tree of Life author Sylvia Franke
Her work has been the subject of twelve documentaries and has been included in over 20 books.
Recognized Pioneer of BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling and BioAcoustic Biology
Author, Speaker, Researcher, Scientist of the Year, author, Humanitarian, Radio Host

Web sites:

www.jbab.org (Journal of BioAcoustic Biology)
www.nutrasounds.com (Profiling, videos)
www.nanoVoice.org (downloads)
Contact Information:
Media at vocalprofiling.com – Jesse or Jennifer

Friday, January 15, 2010

Does Simon hide his feelings? Sound Health has the scoop!

Recording Date: 01/11/2010

Subject/Topic: Simon was commenting about a recent American idol show in which he was paired with Paula to speak because of a lack of time – he said he “drew the short straw”

Sharry’s Comments:

Lots of emotional physical reactions - there is a great deal of spiritual energy going on here with emotions leading at every level. There is a desire within him to manage his emotional pain without outside interference. Physical and spiritual concern/stress is shown in areas of ego, fairness, word expression and planning. I would guess from this that an emotional relationship existed between Paula and Simon but that he has been hurt. He is carrying his pain emotionally; it is suppressed intellectually, as a response and by way of any reaching out activity. He will not venture forth in another physical relationship until this physical pain is handled. There is some actual concern that he will be additionally hurt. Simon’s body carries his stress. He has a magnificent handle on his intellect and sense of accomplishment.

Nanovoice Analysis:

Points of Importance, Attention and Consequence

Your reputation is very important to you. You will go to great lengths to protect it. Your stamina to get things accomplished is admirable. You can be fussy about your physical space. It needs to satisfy you and no one else. Sometimes you spend a lot of energy trying to get even the smallest detail right the first time.

Your highest note is associated with your internal perspective of insight and self awareness. Internal faith, fairness and fulfillment reside with this note. Your highest note is associated with the expression of what you consider to be your physical domain. Having dominion over your physical environment resides with this note. Your highest note is associated with the expression of physically prioritizing. Personal control over what happens in your physical environment resides with this note.

Ideas come to you in very odd moments when you are distracted by a required task.

Points of Communication, Complications and Complaints

You can easily put yourself aside for the benefit of others. You like your working environment to be efficient with things readily available. You have the ability to use words very creatively. You have the ability to inspire people using stories and demonstrations.

You can easily be distracted from carrying out your plans by a more exciting prospect. As a natural leader, you sometimes get stuck with more than your share of the work. It is hard for you to understand why people take your peaceful nature as being an easy target.