Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is Frequency our New Medicine or an Ancient Mystery Revealed?

Using frequency as a healing modality is an ancient tool brought forward into the modern era by Human BioAcoustic pioneer, Sharry Edwards, MEd.
It has been written that many great philosophers have attempted to decode the mysteries of the universe from early thinkers such as Pythagoras to modern day cosmologists like Steven Hawking . The recent popularity of the movie The Da Vinci Code sparked our imaginations concerning information that has been kept hidden from the populace. The idea that we could use this lost knowledge to have dominion over our lives is very alluring. If this information could be revealed, could we unveil the potential of who and what we really are— without authority intervention, peer pressure, oughts and shoulds? How can we identify what will perfectly balance our lives? How can we find and live an authentic life under all of the layers of need and greed?
We can use the frequency codes hidden within our voices. You may be able to lie to your friends and deceive yourself with your words but the voice does not lie. Sharry Edwards has developed software that can evaluate the frequencies, architectures and harmonics of your voice. Computerized reports using vocal data can reveal the authentic motivation and intent of the speaker.
Frequencies not in your voice are just as important as those that are present. An entire matrix of information can be gleaned from the voice. This is an opportunity for the human race to break free of all of the deceit and deception that we live with every day.
Imagine a future in which our individual vocal frequency is our identification; where the use of frequency based biomarkers contained within our voice can be used to keep us healthy and emotionally balanced. What would our world be like? Our legal system would be unnecessary if voice could be so easily read: Authority figures would not be able to hide behind false words and promises. Unstable relationships would crumble; others would become more joyous. Unethical businesses and relationships would fail because for the most part, much of our world is built on what we can keep hidden from those who think they know us. Are you ready to reveal your authentic self?

Sharry Edwards, MEd has been named a “modern keeper of the Holy Grail information” by Holy Grail and The Tree of Life author Sylvia Franke
Her work has been the subject of twelve documentaries and has been included in over 20 books.
Recognized Pioneer of BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling and BioAcoustic Biology
Author, Speaker, Researcher, Scientist of the Year, author, Humanitarian, Radio Host

Web sites: (Journal of BioAcoustic Biology) (Profiling, videos) (downloads)
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Media at – Jesse or Jennifer

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