Friday, April 9, 2010

With the recent Health Reform bill posing increased threats against those standing against vaccinations, it is time for people living in the REAL world to come together to inform parents about their dangers. Mary Tocco, a leader in research on the link between vaccines and autism, will be appearing on Sound Health Options to talk with Sharry Edwards, whose innovative software shows the ability to screen for possible complications with vaccinations. Tocco and Edwards will be available to answer your questions regarding the FACTS about the dangerous, all too common practice of vaccination, and what you can do about it. Make sure you learn the facts about vaccines before making a decision for your children. Tune in to hear an announcement about Sound Health’s new pre-vaccination program. Don’t let the politicians in Washington make destructive decisions about YOUR children for you. Learn the facts from someone who lives in the REAL world where vaccinations induce autism.
Don’t miss Mary’s debut on Sound Health Options on at 12pm this Sunday, April 11th

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  1. Sharry,

    thank you so much for stopping by my blog :) I appreciate all the kind words about my blog. Its so frustrating as a parent to see Washington do NOTHING for our kids.... honestly it infuriates me... I hope you will stop by again :) Most of my posts are rants and raves but some are :)... Have a great week!